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A word from Human Resources

Any industrial and commercial enterprise is above all the story of men and women who, through their actions, their products, their know-how, and their mentality, are proud of the accomplishments achieved together. Regarding NutriXo’s results, many people are surprised by the discretion we show in our communication… Here, once again, we prefer concrete actions and the reality of the market to grand declarations: Our employees and our products are the best ambassadors of our communication. Our values can be seen every day, in the field, in all modesty, with the simplicity of relationships at all hierarchical levels, the recognition and the promotion of internal talent, through the team spirit and mutual respect shown by employees… Values that have enabled us to grow and develop. NutriXo is a company where employees say they are happy to work, where relationships develop rapidly, where the feeling of belonging is soon shared, and where employees are quickly given responsibilities to enable the Group to grow. So to work in HR for NutriXo means having the ambition to perpetuate this "chemistry" every day, by supporting and anticipating the necessary changes for our employees through our Human Resources Policy, in particular through the implementation of an ambitious training programme to ensure our current and future managers are effective and ready for the changes our Group will undergo. 
If you share our values, we are interested in your difference!

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