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Commercial / Marketing


NutriXo Commercial Boulangerie artisanale Because every customer is unique, the job of a sales representative working for NutriXo is adapted to each type of customer:

Each channel therefore has a specific sales team, offering positions in sales and management, organised at national, regional, and international level.

A few examples of jobs: Craft bakery regional sales manager, Retail regional sector manager, Industrial sales manager, Export sales rep, Technical sales rep, Commercial manager, Telesales representative, Commercial assistant, etc.

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NutriXo Career Marketing Specific brands for each business and type of customer:

They are supported and developed by national and international marketing departments in order to develop our communication strategies for our brands and services.
For NutriXo, the Marketing function is the interface between our customers, R&D, and our factories, enabling us to anticipate and innovate on all our markets.

A few examples of jobs: Product manager, Product group manager, Category manager, Merchandising manager, etc.

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