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Our values and our convictions

Proximity and respect for others

NutriXo Proximity and respectNutriXo is a company that, through its organisational structure, and the diversity of its businesses, markets, and sites (in France and abroad), has ensured that relationships remain simple and natural at every level. The sharing of experiences and the closeness of very different departments and businesses are permanent sources of self-enrichment and progress. Management structures are very simple and the close ties between managers and their teams simplify decision-making by promoting and encouraging the employees’ empowerment and autonomy, the transparency of relationships, and respect for others.

The people behind the results

In our businesses, our employees are a source of added value and are key players in the Group’s development and success through their expertise and the know-how required for its development. The individual and collective talents of our employees, and the professional dynamic, mean their jobs evolve every day along with NutriXo. Individual fulfilment is promoted naturally by the diversity of career paths and professions available to our employees, in France and abroad, but also by the opportunities to put into practice and develop their sense of responsibility and initiative at all levels.

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